Tips for your first Rec Game Day

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Your first Twins Rec Game Day is here!! The Twins Rec Staff are excited to see you on the fields!  Here are some tips for you to enjoy/make it through the first game day!

1) Arrive Early!  Traffic is always a bummer.  Arrive early for a good parking place and smooth traffic. 

2)Coffee. It will make a brew-tiful day.

3) Snacks. Shove an orange and a water bottle in that purse of yours for a halftime snack! Grab a snickers if you are not feeling yourself!

4) Sunscreen

5) Warning. Early morning fall games calls for a lot of dew- not Mountain Dew, but the tiny drops of water that form on grass over night!

6) Don’t yell at the refs! 

7) Have fun- Enjoy your kids soccer game with your friends and family.  Remember, its just a game and these kids are out here to learn, have fun and grow. Twins recreation is here to provide a safe environment for your kids to be able to do that. 

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