• 3 v 3. Minimum of 2 players to start and finish the game


  • Size 3- home team provides the game ball

Field and Goal Sizes

  • Maximum Field Size: 20 X 30 yards
  • Minimum Field Size: 15 X 20 yards
  • Goal Size: 4 X 6 feet

Game Length/Halftime

  • Four 8-minute quarters (Coaches can agree to play longer if time allows)
  • 3 minute break between each quarter


  • The coach from each team will officiate and will be responsible for calls within their team’s defensive half of the field.
  • Both coaches can coach from their respective positions from the team bench and should be the only voice used to coach and facilitate the game.
  • All rules infractions shall be briefly explained to the offending player.


  • At the end of each quarter.
  • Each player should play at least one half of the game.


  • Shinguards (under socks) are required


  • Names, numbers or similar enhancements to shirts are not allowed.
  • The home team wears white. The away team wears navy.
  • Coaches may specify the color of shorts or socks.


  • There is no goalkeeper in the U5 or U6 age group.
  • Players should be encouraged to play the entire field.
  • One player must not be left back on “defense” to serve as a “goalie”.

 Age Specific Rules

  • All restarts are taken with dribble-in or kick-in. No throw-ins are taken.
  • After a goal is scored, game is restarted with a Kick-Off.
  • A preference is for parents to simply knock the ball back into play to keep the flow of the game.
  • No offsides.
  • No direct free kicks. All fouls result in an indirect free kick.
  • All other rules abide by FIFA Laws of the Game.


  • Creating a joyful environment is mandatory. The soccer ball should be considered a toy and children should be having fun with the ball. Allow the children to use their imagination. This 3v3 format enables them to do that as it maximizes involvement.
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