• 5 v 5. 4 field players and GK. Minimum 4 v 4 to start and finish the game.


  • Size 3- home team provides the game ball

Field and Goal Sizes

  • Maximum Field Size: 30 X 40 yards
  • Minimum Field Size: 20 X 30 yards
  • Goal Size: 6 X 12 feet

 Game Length/Halftime

  • Four 10-minute quarters
  • 3 minute break between each quarter


  • A referee in training will be provided.
  • If a referee is not present the coach from each team will officiate and will be responsible for calls within their team’s defensive half of the field in place of an official.
  • All rules infractions shall be briefly explained to the offending player.


  • Substitution breaks should be taken at the end of each quarter, or during an out-of-bounds stoppage.
  • Each player should play at least one half of the game.


  • Shinguards (under socks) are required
  • Jewelry is not permitted


  • Names or other enhancements to shirts are not allowed.
  • The home team wears white. The away team wears navy.
  • Coaches may specify the color of shorts or socks.


  • Coaches should play at least 2 different goalies each game unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to punt the ball and must be encouraged to roll (bowl) or pass (feet) the ball out.
  • Coaches are allowed to stand by the goals to help players learn this position and rules. Please make sure you are not yelling and screaming at 7-8 yr olds during a game.

Age Specific Rules

  • All restarts are taken with a kick-in. No throw-ins are taken.
  • After a goal is scored, game is restarted with a Kick-Off.
  • Corner kicks are now taken.
  • On goal kicks or when the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball, the opposing team must retreat to midfield. They can move back into their offensive half once the ball is kicked and touched by another player on the other team.
  • No offsides.
  • No direct free kicks. All fouls result in an indirect free kick.
  • All other rules abide by FIFA Laws of the Game.


  • Encourage the children to want the ball at their feet. Players must have plenty of opportunity to experience the ball at their own pace. Let them learn from experience.
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