• 8 v 8. 7 field players and GK. Minimum 6 v 6 to start and finish game.


  • U11-U12: Size 4- home team provides the game ball
  • U13-U18: Size 5- home team provides the game ball
  • If U12/13 division: Size 5

Field and Goal Sizes

  • Approximately 50 x 80 yards
  • Goal Size: min: 6.5 X 18 feet, max: 7 X 21 feet

 Game Length/Halftime

  • U11-U12: Two 30-minute halves
  • U13-U18: Two 35-minute halves
    • If U12/13 Division: Two 35-minute halves
  • 5 minute halftime


  • A referee is provided.
  • In the event a referee does not arrive the coach from each team will officiate and will be responsible for calls within their team’s defensive half of the field.
  • Both coaches can coach from their respective positions from the team bench and should be the only voice used to coach and facilitate the game.
  • All rules infractions shall be briefly explained to the offending player.



  • Each player should play at least one half of the game.
  • There are free substitutions in this age group, however they should be made at 15 minute intervals in order to maintain the flow of the game and enhance the enjoyment for the players.


  • Shinguards (under socks) are required
  • Jewelry is not permitted


  • Names or other enhancements to shirts are not allowed.
  • The home team wears white. The away team wears navy.
  • Coaches may specify the color of shorts or socks.


  • Players should be encouraged to play multiple positions throughout the season.
  • Coaches should use at least 2 different goalies each game unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Goalkeepers can punt the ball but should be encouraged to roll (bowl) or pass (feet) the ball out.

Age Specific Rules

  • Offside is now called.
  • Players do NOT need to back up to midfield on goal kicks any longer.
  • All other rules abide by FIFA Laws of the Game.


  • The game is the teacher at this critical age. Players need to be exposed to as many game-like situations as possible. Familiarity and confidence on the ball should be emphasized. The players are ready to be challenged.
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