Meet Racheal Salmons Renegar

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Role in the club: Assistant Recreation Director

Years with the club: 1

Favorite Team: Duke for sure!!  I’m also a fan of the Carolina Panthers and Washington Mystics.

Favorite soccer memory: fun fact: I have never played an organized game of soccer- so I would say my favorite soccer memory is joining this awesome team at NC Fusion!!

Favorite pastime outside of work:  spending quality time with family and friends, watching basketball , discovering new music on Spotify and baking !!

Last book you read: Magnolia- Chip & Joanna are my favorite!!!

Favorite musician/group: this is hard because I love all music, but right now I would say that the new TobyMac album has been a hit on the way to work, but I’m not afraid to admit that my  90s mix is runner up.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be: Pat Summit- I grew up watching her coach for Tennessee. She was the best thing that has happened to Women’s basketball and set the bar for all expectations in basketball coaching. Her story is quite amazing.

Advice for young players:  Always do more than what is expected from you and never settle for being average.

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