How do I know which age group to choose?

Our registration system will automatically direct you to the correct program based on your child’s date of birth and gender. Your child remains in the same age group for the fall and spring seasons (soccer year is the same as school year).

My child wants to play with his friend/sibling/classmate that is in a different age group. Can we change age groups?

Because of our sanctioning with NC Fusion, we abide by their age groups and their guidelines. We require that all players enter their correct date of birth, register in their correct age group, and file a request to change age groups by emailing the Recreation Director (

According to NC Fusion policy, NO PLAYERS are allowed to participate in a younger age group. Remember, we do collect and check birth certificates. Falsification of your child’s date of birth in our registration system can result in removal from the program.

Can I choose a practice day? Can I choose a specific team? Can I choose a field location?

During the registration process, each family will choose their own team, practice night, and location. If you’d like your child to participate on the same team as another friend, just be sure to select the same team!

Team Options will read something like this: 8U – Team 4 – Thursdays in WS

If you were to select this option, you have selected Team 4, who practices Thursday nights at a Winston-Salem location. Anyone who also chooses this option is automatically placed on the same team.

NOTE: once a team is full, players can no longer be added to that team.

What are the field location options?

During registration, each family determines whether they would like to practice:

  • Winston location – Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Whitaker Park, Winston-Salem First. (Please note: for this age group, you cannot request a specific W-S practice location) and BB&T Soccer Park location: BB&T Soccer Park (428 Twins Way/Bermuda Run, NC 27006)
  • Greensboro Option
    • West:  Westover Church, Jefferson Elem, Leonard Center, etc
    • NE: Bryan Park
    • NW: Proehlific Park, Kernodle Middle, Inman Rd,
    • Central:  Mendenhall Middle, Irving Park Elem, Lindley Elem, First Lutheran JayCee Park (spring only)
    • Summerfield:  Summerfield Elem.

All practices/games for the 5u/6u program will be played (based on the request made during registration)

  • Winston-Salem – Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Winston-Salem, BB&T Soccer Park in Bermuda Run
  • Greensboro – Bryan Park or Proehlific Park as determined by the schedule

Players in the 7u and up program could have a game at any of the following locations during the season:

  • Winston-Salem – BB&T Soccer Park, Winston-Salem First, Sara Lee Soccer Park, Whitaker Park, or the Winston-Salem SoccerPlex.
  • Greensboro -Bryan Park, Proehlific Park,  JC Park, Oak Ridge Park, or Stokesdale Town Park as determined by the schedule

What does my child need for the Recreation Soccer Program?

In the 5u/6u program, kids will need shin guards, a soccer ball, a uniform, and a water bottle! (Tennis shoes are acceptable footwear for this age group. Cleats are not required).

In the 7u and up program, kids will need shin guards, cleats, a soccer ball, a uniform, and a water bottle! All players are expected to wear their Rec uniform during every game. Players should wear comfortable athletic gear for practices (including shin guards with socks on top).

What size soccer ball do we need?

5U/6U/7U/8U – Size 3

9U/10U/11U/12U – Size 4

13U and up – Size 5

Uniforms: how much and where can I get one?

All uniforms can be ordered and purchased at Soccer Unlimited (3033 Trenwest Drive/W-S 27103). Please call 336.765.0655 for store hours.

5u/6u Uniform: $20 and includes a blue Adidas jersey

7u+ Uniform: $40 and includes blue Adidas jersey, white t-shirt, blue Adidas shorts, blue Adidas socks

What kind of time commitment should we expect?

In the 5u/6u program, each team has a one-hour time commitment each week. (Sundays 5-6pm, Mondays 5:45-6:45pm, OR Tuesdays 5:45-6:45PM). During that one-hour, teams will have a 30-minute team practice followed by a 30-minute scrimmage against another team.

In the 7u+program, each team has a one-hour practice Monday-Friday (typically 5:45-6:45PM) with one or two games on Saturdays.

Who coaches in the Recreation Soccer Program?

All coaches in the Recreation Program are 100% volunteer and typically a parent of a player on the team. We could not function as a program without these volunteers! When signing up, please always consider being willing to volunteer.

My player is looking for something more competitive. Is recreation the right option?

At NC Fusion, we offer programs for all players at a variety of levels. Recreation soccer is our entry level option, and is for players who are looking to have fun while learning the basics of the game of soccer with minimal commitment. If your player is looking to learn the game more in depth, compete against other clubs, and push themselves to get better, another program could provide more of the experience your player desires.

There are more competitive programs offered from U7-U19. There are different options for all levels. Please see our program comparison chart (Click Here) to see what’s available for your player at their age level.

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